Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Henry cejudo and Wrestling Freestyle Tickets

Henry Cejudo (born February 9, 1987 in South Central Los Angeles, California) is a freestyle wrestler, Olympic gold medalist, and author. Cejudo became an Olympic gold medalist at just 21 years old, the youngest American wrestler to win a gold medal. 

Henry Cejudo  Being the youngest Olympic Gold Medalist in USA Freestyle Wrestling History was quite the accomplishment.Henry came into the Olympics beginning 16th and even lost his first period of his opening match. In the sport of wrestling, especially at the elite level, losing the first period can sometimes mean losing the match. all over again in the quarterfinals and the semifinals Henry would go on to go down the first period and was forced to rally back to victory.Henry went on to win his gold medal match and the gold medal. Henry’s personal great effort and life story made this remarkable achievement even more amazing.

Henry was one of the country’s most decorated high school wrestlers. He won State Championships in two states (AZ and CO) and was the ASICS Wrestler Of The Year. Henry was also the first high-schooler to be successful U.S. Nationals since USA Wrestling‘s formation as the sport’s national sanctioning body in 1983.Henry’s youth was another tale of overcoming accomplishments.  He was born in the late 80’s in South Central Los Angeles, California.  His parents were undocumented Mexican immigrants.  Henry’s father was a frequent long-term visitor to many of the California Prisons.Henry’s mother did what she could to provide for her six children and worked numerous jobs to provide for her family.

Henry’s family eventually established in Phoenix, Arizona which was just a hotter version of the bad neighborhoods they had lived in the past.  This is the basis for a story that many lead to tell from behind the walls of America’s prisons.  Some could say he was destined for failure.  Henry found wrestling and began to dedicate himself to the sport.  Henry used the sport to build an chance for himself and his family.  Henry and his brother dominated the sport of high school wrestling.They were so endowed the national developmental freestyle coach for USA Wrestling invited both Angel and Henry to attend the resident freestyle program at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO.The fact that Henry essentially raised himself while his mother worked and his father paid his debts to society lead to the fact that Henry’s education was nowhere near the college level.  Making it to the Olympics without college wrestling is the route less taken to say the least.  Had Henry’s chosen sport been Basketball or Football he would have been on a full ride to any NCAA Division I powerhouse and playing in the NBA or NFL today, he is simply that good.

Henry took second at World’s losing to Matt Azevedo but came back the next year and won the spot on the 2008 Olympic team. This is normally a spot reserved for NCAA All-American’s and Champions. Henry would secure the Gold Medal in storybook fashion.Henry was the poster child for the 2008 Olympics during his time in Beijing and when he came back to the US.  He appeared on The Today Show, The Tonight Show, CBS Early Morning Show, ABC’s Nightly News, Oprah, and many more. For a short period of time he was an International Star.I was sitting one row ahead of him when he and his posse rolled into a MMA fight in Phoenix. Most everyone knew who he was and a lot of kids were coming up asking for his autograph and he was even announced as being in attendance by the promotion.  He must have had 12 to 15 people with him, who all seemed to be catering to Henry.

Henry was living the life of a rock star. Everyone wanted a piece of him and “just a few minutes of his time”. It seemed like wrestling finally had a star.Now, beginning to approach the 2012 Olympic Wrestling Freestyle Games where Henry is again just one of many wrestlers in the 55 kg division competing for the one spot at the top. Wrestling Freestyle competitions will be started from 5 August to 12 August 2012 in London 2012 Olympics. Olympic Wrestling Freestyle Tickets are available at Sport Ticket Exchange. Sport Ticket Exchange is fast and secure source for buying and selling sport tickets especially Olympic Tickets.

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